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Application Development and Data Science

Connecting Data Science and Application Development to Drive Better Healthcare Outcomes


Challenges in Advancing Research

• Data sets are increasing exponentially

• Siloed systems

• Need for flexible analytical platforms and applications

Technology Solutions Designed to Overcome These Obstacles

Together, Techxle Consulting Service ' Data Science and Application Development solutions accelerate biomedical research from bench to bedside.

Data Science

A Deep Knowledge Base:

Partnering with researchers at NIH and other research institutions to gain quantitative insights from qualitative research data.

Active Involvement with Data Science and Translational Research Communities:

Keeping pace with fast-changing research methods and processes enables us to deliver solutions that meet today growing needs of scientific end users.

Customized Collaborative Data Science Tools:

Using open source technology, we specifically design what you need when you

Next Level Healthcare Research:

Empowered by our solutions, scientists can understand their data well enough to predict therapy outcomes and disease mechanisms.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms:

Breaking new ground and delivering solutions for:

Storage and Processing:

Using automation tools developed by Google and Amazon.

Data Analysis:

Driven by a high-dimensional architecture that supports plug-ins built in any programming language.

Data Sharing:

Centering on cloud-native technologies to enable ease of sharing.

Data Enablement:

Leveraging dynamic web tools to enable interactive and deep understanding of data.

Application Development

Pioneering Applications:

Designed for fast deployment readily configurable, scalable and highly reliable. Our applications integrate the most advanced software platforms including:






Flexible Architectures:

That allow end-users to perform their work seamlessly in multiple research scenarios.

Superior Client Service and Support:

Backed by strong team communication and rapid response, plus deep knowledge of the business componentsbehind scientific processes. These are keys to cost-efficiency to maximize the client return on investment.

Focus on Science and Technologies:

Finding ways to help scientists spend more time at the bench researching solutions to the nations public health problems.

Disseminating science faster

Disseminating science faster

Increasing collaboration.


If you are looking for better performance and value in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and/or Laboratory Informatics