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Our Clients

Our innovative research assessment solutions are used by researchers, administrators, analysts, and students alike. Applying a variety of disciplines, from health sciences to engineering and bioinformatics, our customers are from academic institutions, research labs, government agencies as well as private companies. They include small & medium sized businesses and research organizations seeking software and technical services.

Our Enterprise services deliver objective data and innovative solutions to measure and assess scholarly output. Using reliable data, our diverse research analytics solutions allow institutions, government agencies and funding bodies to evaluate research impact and performance, benchmark against peers and build cloud-based repositories. Solid statistical evidence combined with unique, flexible tools and outstanding consulting services support the rationally informed results of research programs.

We value our relationships with each of our customers and always strive to establish long-term partnerships with them.

Why work with us?

At Techxle Consulting Service, we strongly believe that having advanced technology tailor-made for your organization will set you apart from the rest.

This is where Techxle Consulting Servicecan help. Techxle Consulting Servicebrings decades of experience in technical & scientific services to support your needs.

We cater our strategies to small & large organizations alike to:

Develop & implement

a custom software application with proper testing, training, support, and foresight.


your IT options so you are not limited to any one solution.


over-investing where it is not needed.