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Expediting Clinical Research Outcomes Through Automated Data Sharing

Whether it is intramural research performed by scientists employed by the federal government, or extramural research performed by investigators awarded federal grants, research centers and universities, all are challenged to stay up-to-speed with rapidly changing technology. They also recognize the need to get the most out of their scientific studies and results in a cost-effective manner. Four new realities are driving the evolution of translational research:

• The need for data sharing and accessibility is increasing.

• Greater accessibility affords the opportunity for deeper analysis.

• Deeper analysis requires more analytical capacity and software tools.

• Costs are constrained by limited budgets, which often result in limited infrastructure.

Universities and other extramural organizations supported by NIH are required to release their study results to the public domain. This requirement has driven an increased awareness among extramural researchers that a digitized analytical framework is needed to keep track of data they are collecting.
Data produced by extramural research organizations are not always readily available to NIH. One of the reasons is the constantly changing technology landscape. Extramural researchers need to adapt and they do not always have the resources to do that.

Why Data Automation is Critical

The expert teams of data scientists and application developers at Techxle Consulting Service are skilled at working with scientists in a variety of laboratory settings to perfect digitized data automation solutions that facilitate collaboration and sharing of research data.

In translational research, preclinical research results must be translated to the clinical setting so that drug therapies and vaccines can be advanced to clinical trials. Here is where automation – taking complicated analyses and digitizing them into data sets – becomes crucial.

By aggregating data in the cloud, this information can be shared across intramural and extramural research investigators to initiate clinical development.

Putting It All Together Digitally

Not only does Techxle Consulting Service have the expert human resources, coupled with an unmatched understanding of the technology landscape. We also have a comprehensive view of intramural and extramural research organizations and how they fit together.

• Our teams have seen and resolved data analytical problems that are shared by researchers within federal labs and those who are conducting federally-funded research in nonprofit or private sector settings.

• Our experience with both intramural and extramural research organizations gives us a wide view of the clinical data universe that enables us to take a high-level approach to provide the broadest possible solutions.

• As a result, Techxle Consulting Service builds meaningful tools and insights for our clients in a shorter amount of time with less effort. Then, these transferable proofs of concept can be quickly replicated and shared.

Techxle Consulting Service is ready to help your research organization make the move into digital data analytics